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#card set 03

Our Selling Price: JPY750
A set of 6 post cards
Size: 148 x 100 mm

Kyoka Izumi, The Master Author of Modern Japanese Fantasy Literature
Kyoka Izumi's "Grass Labyrinth"
All illustrations by Takato Yamamoto

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#card 01
Kusa-meikyu(Grass Labyrinth)I (2013)

#card 02
A Lady's Maid of Myoujinsama (2014)

#card 03
Akira Hagoshi, picking up a woven silk ball floating in a brook. (2014)

#card 04
Illusion of a Lady (2014)

#card 05
Kusa-meikyu(Grass Labyrinth)II-A Dream of Woven Silk Balls (2014)

#card 06
Akuzaemon and his Household Specters depart the Mansion. (2014)

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